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Follow the trail and see where it leads you.


Rachael Manning merged her passion for design and her love for animals into a career creating Rachael Manning Art to showcase the beautiful animals she meets in her travels.


With a lifelong passion for animals, Rachael's design aesthetic has always centred around them. As a nature lover, Rachael takes great comfort and inspiration whenever she can be immersed in it. Rachael feeds this inspiration and love back into her designs, creating artworks of the amazing animals she has met on her travels. Rachael also creates custom pet portraits of the much-loved furry members of any family.


Rachael has a Bachelor of Design from COFA and a Master of Education, Art, from UNE.

Rachael grew up on a property on the North Coast and was always exposed to animals; she had cows, horses, dogs, chickens etc. Her parents instilled a strong sense of respect and admiration for animals. This is definitely where Rachael's lifelong love of animals started.


Rachael have two adopted dogs, Bruce and Elfie, who started this whole crazy ride. They were her first inspiration to create the artworks she does. They are such a great pick me up when Rachael lacks creativity.


Rachael has a lasting passion for animals and love experiencing nature whenever she can. She take great comfort and inspiration whenever she can be within it. Rachael loves to travel and always chooses her travel adventures because of the interactions she can have with animals. Rachael has swum with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef, had close encounters with Quokkas on Rottnest Island and adopted a Reindeer in Scotland to name a few.


Rachael's next art inspiration trip will take her to Africa. She is always looking for her next artwork star wherever she goes.

© 2018 by Rachael Manning

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